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Sapien Diet Adopting Ancestral Principles Avoiding Food Lies Modern Nutrition Brian Sanders

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"That's how [Game Changers] made a whole film, they cherry-picked their 'd love to make a film that couldn't be debunked. That's my whole goal."

Nutrient density, millions of years of human evolution, and modern nutrition science is the framework for the "Sapien Diet". Not to be mistaken as a trendy "one size fits all" diet, but a set of guidelines and principles Brian Sanders believes how the modern human should eat.

Brian Sanders, who is the host of the Peak Human Podcast & filmmaker behind the upcoming Food Lies Film, has collated a variety of perspectives on optimal nutrition and performance throughout his health journey and research. Although Brian is of the mind that nutrition lies on a spectrum and should be personalized for an individual, his Sapien Diet framework largely revolves around eating a single constant: Animal-based foods, while avoiding the obvious: Highly-processed and refined foods.

The recent demonization of meat is somewhat of an oddity, given that it has historically been directly tied to the advance of human evolution. With plant-based diets on the rise, the opposite camp of the "diet wars" (carnivores) have been resistant to the mainstream popularization of plant-based nutrition.

Who is right? Who is wrong?

Geoffrey Woo & Brian Sanders have an informative discussion on the spectrum of nutrition, the dangers of falling too deep into microscopic research, and why the current science & historical nature of animal-based nutrition trumps a plant-based diet.

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