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The Average Size of American Black Women Is 18 20 So Is Being A Size 4 6 Even Realistic

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If you've spent any time in the YouTube/social media space that talks about high value men and women, you might have heard the rhetoric that desirable women should ideally be between a size 4-6 to attract a high value man.

Now, as a fitness professional and life coach, my ears always ring with this claim. Why? Well, because I question if this is even realistic for the typical American black woman.

Here's a fact... A 2016 study revealed that the size of the AVERAGE American woman is between 16-18 (not the 14 that's always touted). And if you look by race, BLACK WOMEN average between 18-20 with dress size.

This all goes hand in hand with the issue we speak about AD NASEUM here - obesity in black America among our women. We are at critical mass ladies, and if we can't talk about this among each other - then WHO?

So today, I want to delve into what the science says around this issue of dress size.

And I want to discuss not only the health implications as to why (if you fall into this category) you MUST change your ways. Then we'll finish off with some solutions to getting your body on track.

And finally, by the end of this discussion, we'll have a definite answer as to whether it's realistic for women to aim for that 4-6 dress size that's often touted in the black relationships social media space.


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